Skipping stones in bad TV after-school specials helps clear my head….

I understand most people don’t hear voices… or, well they do – only it’s selective… me… I try and listen….  most of them have been helpful enough during my life, with the exception of the shepard and the blacksmith… they just love stirring the pot…. but ultimately it’s my decision and fair enough, we all make mistakes. Yeah Ok sure, in retrospect it probably wasn’t my finest hour killing that drifter…. but you learn and you move on, we all do crazy stuff when we’re young.

Well obviously that drifter didn’t move on – except downstream ha ha ha —- please, no… stop… oh god don’t…  ha ha memories – really takes me back……  but you keep trying, it’s like the old saying, it’s not how many times you’ve been knocked down – it’s how many times you get up…

I’m old now…. early 40’s… technically and statistically, past middle age – I still feel young, but ask me again on my way to the bathroom to pee at 4AM… although I promise you this – no matter how old I get chronologically, I will always be woefully immature……

I mumble and grumble, bitch, moan & complain about folks – but basically think most people are good, what’s the alternative, start digging a bunker in Alaska and wait for the fabric of society to unravel? Highly unlikely, but just in case I’m gonna hang on to my bear spray, and rape whistle….

I started blogging as an outlet to burn off some of my creative energy and maybe make a few of my friends smile….  if it achieves that goal and you’ve smiled, then I consider you a friend…. just don’t ask me to help you move. I write what makes me laugh… or what the voices suggest…. so I don’t expect you’ll always understand or agree with me – feel free to let me know how I’m doing and when you agree or not….. as long as you aren’t a drifter, we’re all good…..

I live in Vancouver, work in Vancouver and spend money in Vancouver.

Turn-ons – dead kittens, turn-offs – Victoria Secret Models… wait, other way around….. that bloody blacksmith…. always messing with me….