Paranormal Activity & Tasering Children

What’s all the hub bub about the paranormal lately? I can’t have the TV on for more than 11 seconds without someone, something or some place, being haunted, terrorized or unexplainably spooked. Let… Continue reading

And with 350 words did he sayeth not a bloody thing…

I realize its been ever such a long while since there’s been anything resembling a regular post here and that would also entail any sort of medical update. But you know what, even… Continue reading

Hemingway, S’mores & A Dearth of Tenderness

As with all good things, eventually they end, or die, or you die. Ok, there are dozens of possibilities – but for the purposes of this story, something needs to die. Not for any… Continue reading

Best Way to Punch a Granny in the Face

Hey, Guess What? Turns out this thing on my desk is a com – put – er and the other thing with the funny shapes and book learnin’ numbers is a key –… Continue reading

Why your Brain may be Melting & Honey Boo Boo…

“They” say it isn’t healthy to let things fester… “They” maintain it does a person no good to sit in a blackened room and stew, plotting the revenge and mayhem you will rain… Continue reading

Nope, no such luck, I’m still weird…

exactly how many times can I say I am trying to come back and get some regular posts on this blog before you all scream bullshit and have me publicly flogged. would it… Continue reading

Lessons in the Mist

I’m a fixing to say something…. By way of helping you all to stay current – I will occasionally try and “hip” you all up by introducing some new words into your vocabulary.… Continue reading

It’s probably some kind of Primitive Candid Camera…

Just where they hell do these Mayans get off predicting the end of the world in December? Who died and made them the amazing Kreskin? Their own civilization vanished 1500 years ago and… Continue reading

Of Kings & Bicycles and Lonely Letters…

I’m pumping up the tires, lubing up the chain, tightening the brakes, adjusting the seat, cleaning the streamers and putting new clothes pegs on the playing cards attached to the back wheel. In… Continue reading

And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy those about me…

Been a while, how are you? You look good, have you lost weight? New haircut? Oh, and Senator, just one more thing: love your suit… I hesitate to say I’m back because jesus, mary & joseph… Continue reading