And with 350 words did he sayeth not a bloody thing…

I realize its been ever such a long while since there’s been anything resembling a regular post here and that would also entail any sort of medical update.

But you know what, even though that was the original intent of this blog. It served its purpose for a good long time, keeping everyone updated and “in the loop”, also saved me from telling the stories over and over… …damn my ridiculous popularity.

I’ve tried a few times to jumpstart the habit, and make no mistake that’s exactly what blogging is, trying to maintain the momentum and discipline to sit down in front of the screen and fashion something you hope will at the very least come off as half way coherent. Keep at it until it becomes somewhat automatic, you just keeping plodding along until your brain gives in an accepts this is the time you sit and write. However that’s only half the struggle. The sitting down and typing part. The other part is much harder, figuring out WHAT to write. Luckily I have several unique characteristics, most often spoken about in hushed tones.

Profound mental retardation, actually it’s adult onset mental retardation to be exact.

Oh I hide it pretty well, most people have no idea I wash my hair in Snapple. HA – TRICK QUESTION, I have no hair………………………….. Ok now see I’ve lost my train of thought. It’s going to take me a few posts to get back up to speed, I have been writing quite a bit but it’s for work and other pursuits so it’s a very different thing than this, so I ask that you bear with me. Or don’t, lord knows there is plenty to read online.

The one thing I can promise you if you choose to carry on reading, it will get weird.

We will deal with medical updates later, we’ve got some good and we’ve got some bad. I’ll try and minimize the bad and emphasize the good – in direct and inverse relation to reality.

Have a great day.