Lessons in the Mist

I’m a fixing to say something….

By way of helping you all to stay current – I will occasionally try and “hip” you all up by introducing some new words into your vocabulary.

There will be no test however I encourage you to try using them in sentences throughout your daily conversations, and when you do I ask nothing more than a small royalty. Now, on to today’s lesson;

Smellucination – To ‘smellucinate’ – to imagine a smell that isn’t actually there, as if to ‘hallucinate’.
To experience a ‘smellucination’.

Used in a sentence – “Did someone fart in this elevator or am I smellucinating?”

Yellow Carded – When a person does not wash their hands after urinating, they receive a yellow card. Similar to a warning in certain sports.

Used in a sentence – “Brent got yellow carded because he is a disgusting douche bag and didn’t wash after whizzing”

Splenda Daddy – A man who strives to be a sugar daddy, but just doesn’t have the funds to pull it off.

Used in a sentence – “She was all excited to have finally landed a Sugar Daddy, until he rolled up in his 97′ Accord and she realized she had actually landed a Splenda Daddy instead.”

Today last word is Kardash – A measurement of time totaling 72 days. Became popular after Kim Kardashian’s highly-publicized wedding only lasted for 72 days. It’s listed as one of the up and coming words of 2012.

Used in a sentence – “I’ll see you in a kardash!!”

Ok well I hope I’ve helped you become a teeny bit hipper, Have a Great Day.