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Hemingway, S’mores & A Dearth of Tenderness

As with all good things, eventually they end, or die, or you die. Ok, there are dozens of possibilities – but for the purposes of this story, something needs to die.┬áNot for any… Continue reading

Lessons in the Mist

I’m a fixing to say something…. By way of helping you all to stay current – I will occasionally try and “hip” you all up by introducing some new words into your vocabulary.… Continue reading

Reasons that Justify Axe Murders

Well, here we stand on the precipice of another Hallowistmas… I say that because if an alien were to land on earth at just this moment or to be more precise a month… Continue reading

Some Words on Your Screen…

Out of the Blue, two of my Doctors called me today. I will write a juicy tell-all tomorrow, who shot who, who’s cheating on who, who’s embezzling funds from their company, who… oh… Continue reading

Nature, Catch It before it Catches You…

Welcome to this latest edition of Random Theatre – it’s been ever so long since our last episode, today I’ve chosen a charming passage that recalls all the old world charm and grace… Continue reading

Grow Up or Grow Down, If Tootie can’t helps Us, then what?

I found a website and I plan on using the crap out of it. It had a listing of 50 questions you should ask yourself before you die. OH, now that is a… Continue reading

Why couldn’t I be the new Wayne Newton?

You have no idea how incredibly long the days can be when you have nothing to do. Repetitive, boring, uneventful, dripping with a thick, choking gravy of monotony. So I began searching for… Continue reading

Hey, that Abyss just Stared into Me!

One thing I’ve always avoided doing with this post is delving too deeply into my dreams. Let me be clear, I’m not talking about goals & aspirations – but actual dreams. There’s a… Continue reading

My Soul Weeps, My City Burns, The Orca Dies!

Clearly, the Canucks are gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I tried to urge them on to victory with the brunette, then the blond, then the asian…. they couldn’t possibly have… Continue reading

The Joys of Tap Dancing

You know, there are a great many things that happen in this world that regular people just never seem to witness first hand. Well, that’s where I come in… I feel it’s important… Continue reading