The Joys of Tap Dancing

You know, there are a great many things that happen in this world that regular people just never seem to witness first hand.

Well, that’s where I come in… I feel it’s important to introduce those of you who are particularly sheltered, to alert you to the fact that, just outside your comfort zone – which is smaller than you think. There exists a world of odd, a world of strange, a world of what the hell is that?… Now my mom reads this blog so I can’t show you anything too outrageous. But stuff like this video is a good start…

I’m not sure odd is strong enough to describe this little horror show….

All I was able to find out, was that it is a man, yes a man… yes I said it is a man! Who had some illness as a child and now loves tap dance and creeping out pretty much everyone on the interweb, it is called OBEDECE A LA MORSA (ORIGINAL). It’s totally legit, no hollywood magic at work here, just good old-fashioned “mommy, I’m scared”

It’s only just over 2 minutes, and the first minute and a half are bad enough, but it’s the last minute where it gets even weirder, and truly leaves the path of normal. I suggest you don’t watch the video too close to bedtime….

I wish I could be with each of you and see your faces as you watch this, I can just hear the choruses of WTF?

– I leave the space for chickens to bail out…..












You’re Welcome

Have a Great Day