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Pointy Hats & Black Cats

As you’ll find with most men, I always start out by assuming any women I meet has at least some ties to witchcraft – if not a full blown witch. It’s nothing personal,… Continue reading

Your Eyes…. Don’t Trust Them….

In an earlier post I discussed the use or alleged use of Subliminal Advertising, here – occasionally I’m going to talk about advertising/design issues… because after all – it’s what made me fabulously… Continue reading

The Beach Plays the Race Card

Welcome to day three of my Salute to Animals Week… As I mentioned in an earlier post I haven’t been particularly active recently, so I figured, we live in one of the most… Continue reading

Dreams, Screams & Too Little Sleep

I haven’t been sleeping all that well for  a good long while. It’s a combination of the Meds, stress and inability to get active. This is taking some major adjustments, I was always… Continue reading

Blades, Bangles & Botulism

Never, ever, ever been a fan of  the Magic that is – Ice Dancing – but, sitting here, right now, the Canadians have just posted a monster score and look poised to win… Continue reading

Excuse me, is that a Brain in your Pocket?

You know, if I were smarter, liked school more, understood chemistry, biology, physiology etc etc….. I would have been a brain surgeon…..        stop laughing…. I have skills. A neurosurgeon studies for an absolute… Continue reading