The Beach Plays the Race Card

Welcome to day three of my Salute to Animals Week…

As I mentioned in an earlier post I haven’t been particularly active recently, so I figured, we live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, why not head down to one of our truly spectacular beaches and take a walk, enjoy the unseasonably warm weather. Incidentally and for the folks anywhere but here – the local mountains have had snow for the past 3 days, beautiful white-capped peaks, truly a winter MIRACLE… what’s the word I’m looking for… oh yea, Ironic……..

So anyways went to my favourite beach, Spanish Banks, right on the western most edge of the lower mainland, nuzzled up next to UBC,… I’m walking on the beach late-ish in the afternoon and snapped a few pictures…..

Kind of a funky Pre-Dusk shot I ended up liking alot... from Spanish Banks

Now I don’t consider myself racist in any way, shape or form…. naturally, I have a healthy fear and distrust of anyone who isn’t white & exactly like me , but certainly not racist. I think it’s wonderful the diversity and many Technicolored Dreamcoats worn by all the variations of God’s earthly children. Whoo-wee – lord knows I love to experience different cultures….  via a take-out menu…..  but where does it stop?

What does this have to do with animals? I’m getting there…. so I’m walking on the beach and as the sun starts it’s lazy descent, painting the sky in deep reds and soft yellows – I started noticing some of the couples walking past me. It stuck me,  the majority of the couples were mixed, racially, now I don’t mean just one or two couples… I’m talking like 90%…. all mixed….They were all adults and seemed to have their wits about them, so I respected their choices.

Just up from the beach is a forest on the University endowment lands and you see all kinds of creatures dashing about…. when my kin were recently here, we saw a bald eagle, unfortunately I didn’t have my crossbow, missed chance for the souvenir of a lifetime…  after walking for awhile, it starts getting darker and the couples start thinning out and I’m once again left largely with the beach to myself.

I have no idea how big the brain of a bird is, I’m assuming small enough to fit in their head and so that makes it pretty tiny based on the size of their head. So to me, that says “not a lot going on in that feathery fountain of knowledge” which makes my discovery all the more disturbing – like I said earlier I have no problem with consenting adults choosing to fraternize with each other but inter-species is wrong. No matter how strong the “love” may be between them….. I was able to quickly snap the following two photos at dusk, as they popped out of the woods…

Dog and Seagull...... is it love or some kind of sick experiment?

What is the basis for this strange attraction between Hounds and Fowl........... ................. is something sinister going on at UBC?

Folks, I don’t always have the answers – but as long as I keep asking the questions then the less fortunate will always have a voice…. am I a Hero… not my place to say, I’m just doing what anyone in my position would do…… asking the questions….. Is this animal husbandry or super weird porn….

Have a Great Day