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Debbie Downer & James Brown

I’m sorry the posts have all been such, debbie downers these past few days but I have been in a funk that would make James Brown jealous…… It just feels like I’ve been… Continue reading

Pressure…. What Pressure?

Back in Fib, most of today… it’s now approaching midnight, started about 11am… there is no way I can do a month of this…. Have a Great Day…

Creatively Mending a Broken Heart

Imagination + boredom + creativity = Awesome… I came across this video and it really struck a chord, these guys are just amazing. They are a bunch of California slacker surf bums, who… Continue reading

Getting Goosed with Knowledge…

I think – without question, for far too long we’ve all ignored the impact geese have made on our lives. You’d be pretty hard pressed to find anyone  who doesn’t carry a picture… Continue reading

Dead… Suspicious

“A suspicious wife sat over her husband’s body for 14 days because she suspected he was faking his own death to get away from her. The woman, 72, told police in Vaslui, Romania,… Continue reading

Facing Difficulties, Positively

Perhaps you’ve heard this cornball parable before if not, read on, if so, read on anyways… suck it up, it’s not going to kill you… I thought the story apt for both me… Continue reading

Fathers Day Wisdom

In honor of Fathers Day, I’m sharing this story that has helped and guided me in raising my own kids… A man found a cocoon of a butterfly. One day a small opening… Continue reading

The Problem with Problems…

The words ‘slippery slope’ as they relate to a rapid decline after an initial push.. is frequently a situation I find myself embroiled within. Let me explain –  having medical problems has made… Continue reading

Movies; Our most sacred teacher…

We’ve all seen plenty of movies but do we ever take the time to reflect on what we’ve learned, the important life lessons that enrich our daily lives? Hundreds upon hundreds of tiny… Continue reading

Mad Clowns, Chimps & Cling Free

A few days ago, I told you about all my older writing pieces and how occasionally I would bring back odd, out of context passages for yours and my, amusement… well here’s another… Continue reading