The Problem with Problems…

The words ‘slippery slope’ as they relate to a rapid decline after an initial push.. is frequently a situation I find myself embroiled within. Let me explain –  having medical problems has made me hyper-sensitive to ever teeny tiny blip my body sends out. It didn’t used to be like this, I never went to the Doctor and really never went to the hospital. Why? What’s the point, unless you can see bone sticking out, walk it off….
Anyways, the nature of being at home alone for huge chunks of the day has also contributed to my being perhaps a wee bit more introspective
(read: panic stricken) than normal. Every time  anything out of the ordinary makes an appearance I immediately start laying out elaborate medical scenarios. Naturally I also possess a few other qualities which help allow these scenarios to really grab hold and blossom. 1. An active imagination. 2. Having been involved and exposed to lots of different medical situations. 3.High Speed access to the Internet…
That being said I’m going to share with you my two latest afflictions – First, a fairly serious case of Refrigerator Blindness, which is defined as a selective loss of visual acuity in association with common foraging in the refrigerator. Predominantly seen in children and males. “Honey, where’s the orange juice?” “Are you blind? Second shelf on the right!” “Sorry, must be my refrigerator blindness…”
The second and quite closely related malady is a relapsing and remitting case of Refrigerator Amnesia – It’s when you habitually return to the fridge expecting there to be something to snack on, only to find you have nothing and need to go buy groceries. College aged males are at most risk. Mike: “This is my third time opening the fridge this hour whats wrong with me, nothing’s changed”? John: “Its probably a mild case of refrigerator amnesia.”
OK, so maybe some conditions are more serious than others but…….
Have a great day