Nordic/Chinese and the Scrawl of Destiny

The wheels, are most definitely in motion. I finally got a hold of the Cardiac surgeons secretary today. I hadn’t been able to since Tuesday, when she pranced majestically into my life, mincing about and spreading the elixir of life which emanates from her enchanted date book. The book in which her tiny scrawl held the answer to life and death. Doling out dates with massive repercussions, I stand on the precipice, watching their silent echo – moving slowly, wider and wider circles of influence, the gentle surface ripples belying the gigantic tumultuous tsunami of impact on peoples lives, until the very fabric of our existence, the very terra firma strikes one as…….ummm…. drama queen much….

Bloody Ponce….OK as I was saying, finally got a hold of the secretary and she maintained she was glad I called – because she had been trying to get a hold of me….ummm, really – I fully realize my social calendar is jam-packed and the constant go, go, go of my typical days often leaves me nary a moment in which to pause and answer the phone HOWEVER, one must take care to remember that I just made all that up. I frequently do absolutely nothing but sit on my J-Lo sized ass, now verified visible from Space, and wait for some distraction to present itself. So excuse me but you can’t have been trying too too hard to get in touch with me. Alas, makes no difference – for finally we’ve made contact, let loose the Doves and may the Angels cry out in ebullient & mirthful gaiety… I think I may be channeling Jane Austen or one of the Bronte sisters today…. I told you the antibiotics were strong.

So, Inka, the secretary (I know, it’s the name, I too was hoping for a Nordic Goddess, but she’s actually a tiny Chinese lady) says, we actually have an earlier date for you – does July 2nd work. What? Hold on…. a couple of weeks ago the Doctor was so busy he couldn’t pause long enough to take a deep breath and was forced to schedule time so he could blink, but now, operating dates are falling from the sky, showering me from all sides, take your pick…. hey Chris, whatever, you tell us what’s convenient and we’ll make it happen….. just drop by the office pencil yourself in whenever you want. Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful but WTF? What is going on, has the worm turned and now I’m going to be buried under the sheer weight of things going my way. Lord knows I should have some decent karma banked by now, unless I really was Hitler, then I’m still paying off my overdraft.

Now there is a distinct benefit to getting in ASAP, first of all and most obviously it’s sooner, sooner begun means sooner concluded… however, I am to see Dr Gibson, my neurologist on June 23rd and they’ve all made it clear that the reason we did the test run on the IVIG was to see how I responded, the goal being – that if I responded well, we would have a massive treatment just before the operations. With the MG, my eyes, throat, mouth, jaw and upper respiratory system all fatigue very easily, occasionally to the point of failure. Obviously we can’t have that going into surgery, it makes recovery infinitely more troublesome. The IVIG, like I said, despite the mind numbing pain and all the resulting complications I’ve had, worked and I had a good solid 3 weeks plus of no symptoms at all… let me just backtrack for a second, when I said mind numbing pain, it’s truly anything but, a numb mind would have been a welcomed friend, if anything – my brain went into a hypersensitivity and I swear I was able to hear and understand Whale songs in the Pacific…

We’ll need to set up the IVIG, not the sort of thing you just stumble into the ER for… it takes planning and a bed, the transfusion needs to be collected, if I remember it’s some 17 bottles of immunoglobulin they put into me and that was skipping the third day. Obviously I’m really not looking forward to that old chestnut again but I don’t have much choice. As I understand it there may be some things they can do to try and help mitigate the procedure, slowing the transfusion down even further, so maybe 8 hours a day over 4 days… I don’t know, but I will when I talk with my Neurologist. Apparently for people allergic to the IVIG there is some kind of plasma exchange thing they can do, but it’s even more complicated, when I hear my options we’ll decide and then get the show on the road….

That’s All Folks, enjoy and have a great Friday.