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Debbie Downer & James Brown

I’m sorry the posts have all been such, debbie downers these past few days but I have been in a funk that would make James Brown jealous…… It just feels like I’ve been… Continue reading

The Swollen Brain Diet

Sorry – very late post. Having a much tougher time with the IVIG this round, tougher even than the first time. Seems I’m one of the 7% who don’t tolerate it very well.… Continue reading

Behold… My Grey Matter doth Engorge…

But not in a good way… Day 2 went less well than day 1. About 3/4’s into the procedure, I started getting extreme nausea, dizzy and feverish. So they paged my neurologist and… Continue reading

IVIG – Tool of the Spanish Inquisition?

Hi. So, ummm tomorrow – I start my 2nd session of the dreaded IVIG Transfusion. Yes, I’m nervous. Last time went somewhat less than ideally, and by that I mean slightly worse than… Continue reading

Nordic/Chinese and the Scrawl of Destiny

The wheels, are most definitely in motion. I finally got a hold of the Cardiac surgeons secretary today. I hadn’t been able to since Tuesday, when she pranced majestically into my life, mincing… Continue reading


Sorry…. Today….. All Day…….. I’m just so tired….. IVIG seems to be wearing off, double vision is creeping back in, as is weak jaw and slurred speech & difficulty chewing. Who knows how… Continue reading

Disneyland – Days 2 & 3

This particular visit to the Magic Kingdom left me feeling anything but having visited the happiest place on earth. Day 1 was very uncomfortable as they pumped over 4 litres of the donor… Continue reading

Don’t look at me in that tone of voice…

Thank you everyone for all your well wishes and while you are all very supportive – not a single damn one of you offered to go in my place…. Not sure what to… Continue reading

Waiter there’s Immunoglobin in my Soup…

Ok so, just got confirmation earlier, this morning, pretty quick right, I only had the appointment yesterday and My Neuro, who I was pretty keen on after our appt. has gone ahead and… Continue reading