IVIG – Tool of the Spanish Inquisition?


So, ummm tomorrow – I start my 2nd session of the dreaded IVIG Transfusion. Yes, I’m nervous.

Last time went somewhat less than ideally, and by that I mean slightly worse than spending a long weekend being disciplined by the Spanish Inquisition. Not just the regular Inquisition either, I mean like the Inquisition SWAT team, and they were really really angry about something….


I really truly am not the least bit interested in re-visiting the experience. Supposedly, the Neurologist in conjunction with the Clinic Doctors have made a number of adjustments to help mitigate any possible re–occurrence of the previous drama. Of course this is no guarantee my head won’t actually explode this time, but I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed…

Not sure yet if there will be a blog post tomorrow, I hope so – but if not – you’ll know why. Day one may be relatively fine, as it was last time, the fun only really got rolling at the end of day two… I never expected the Inquisition, but no one ever does…

Ok Folks, that’s all I’ve got today, special thanks to A.J. you are awesome….

Have a Great Day.