A Swollen Head…

Day one is in the books.

Went in at 9AM – they were pumping me full of stuff for the first hour and a half, before the actual Immunoglobin was even out of the boxes. A bunch of antibiotics, painkillers, anti-inflammatories, saline and several other liquid goodies all administered via IV were forced into me in hopes of keeping at bay, the wicked reaction and side effects I had last time.

They had my chart and everything from the ER visit and yes, although no one had mentioned anything to me yet. Right there on the chart, in black and white – the nurses confirmed I did have Meningitis after the last IVIG. For those of you who are unaware what Meningitis actually is – it’s a rapid inflammation of the tissues and membranes of the brain, So that intense pain I had experienced was my brain swelling and pressing against the inside of my skull. Take it from me, it’s a feeling you want no part of… and I’m exceptionally nervous that despite their best efforts I will get it again.

I have a significant headache right now and have for the past 7 hours – but it is manageable. I’m light and sound sensitive but still, like I said bearable – nothing like last time. However, I was fine after day one last time as well, head-achy but OK. The bad times really punched me in the face the evening of day two…. so we’ll see what happens tomorrow, that will be the critical milestone….


If there is no post tomorrow night, we’ll all know what happened.

Have a Great Day.