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Debbie Downer & James Brown

I’m sorry the posts have all been such, debbie downers these past few days but I have been in a funk that would make James Brown jealous…… It just feels like I’ve been… Continue reading

IVIG – Tool of the Spanish Inquisition?

Hi. So, ummm tomorrow – I start my 2nd session of the dreaded IVIG Transfusion. Yes, I’m nervous. Last time went somewhat less than ideally, and by that I mean slightly worse than… Continue reading

Arrested Respiration & Prison Stabbings

Well thank goodness, I’ll admit I was getting a bit nervous – it had been a couple of days without any sort of medical meltdown and we certainly can’t have that… So imagine… Continue reading

FINALLY, The Gods Smile on Me Ever so Slightly….

I’ve never claimed to be able to predict the future, although it’s true I’ve had my fair share of Nostradamus like moments – I wouldn’t expect to see my name down in the… Continue reading

Disneyland – Days 2 & 3

This particular visit to the Magic Kingdom left me feeling anything but having visited the happiest place on earth. Day 1 was very uncomfortable as they pumped over 4 litres of the donor… Continue reading

Waiter there’s Immunoglobin in my Soup…

Ok so, just got confirmation earlier, this morning, pretty quick right, I only had the appointment yesterday and My Neuro, who I was pretty keen on after our appt. has gone ahead and… Continue reading

Neuro, Cardio & Parking Rape

Saw my Neurologist today, the actual Doctor, not the medical aide nurse…. the one who kept calling me Michael. Turns out the doctor is pretty decent. Previously, as regular readers will recall, she… Continue reading

Lurking, there….right behind me…. Part 2

welcome back…. when we last left our hero….. These were the criteria and basis I used to arrive at my decision to have you crack my chest wide…. poke around, pull something out,… Continue reading

Michael, Large Hadron Colliders & Rogue T-Cells

Thanks for bearing with yesterday’s screed. Although I’ll admit, it wasn’t nearly as rant-y as I expected it to be when I started, I was pretty agitated…. Allow me to clarify a couple… Continue reading