Mad Clowns, Chimps & Cling Free

A few days ago, I told you about all my older writing pieces and how occasionally I would bring back odd, out of context passages for yours and my, amusement… well here’s another one… enjoy….

Begin Passage — Later that day the clown was reportedly still at large and still car-jacking tricycles. He had to be stopped. But I needed someone to help me out. I decided my friend would be best to help me stop the fiend. Besides, he’s very savvy with undercover business. I’m not sure why, but as with all things it probably had something to do with his webbed feet. Our first stop was Fire Marshall Kleghorn’s office. When we arrived the secretary was waiting for us. “Help you?” she asked. “We’re here to see Kleghorn” I said.

“He’s busy.” I looked around the room. Everywhere, tricycles stood mocking me. Curious. “Umm…your hair looks so inviting!” the secretary blurted out”…If it’s not to rude to ask…my lunch break is in a few minutes.” – Why was the secretary being so coquettish? What was up with the tricycles? Wait a minute… suddenly.. my aha moment – “You! You’re the clown!” he said. Kleghorn jumped up and spit out the huge wad of gum he was chewing on….. —– End Passage

… now that was invigorating…


If I didn’t know me better – I’d be concerned, so far, these don’t seem to make any sense. Well that’s the point of “Out of Context Theatre” any chimp can write a story that holds to a linear logical plot, born out by a relevant parallel theme and set off by believable, unique characters acting in a rational focused manner. Where’s the fun in that. My style is akin to letting my thoughts tumble in my head, making and breaking alliances like underpants in a dryer without Cling Free until something sticks….

Just felt the mood needed a little lightening after the previous posts, well, at least I needed some lightening up…..

Someday I might even be so inclined as to include a whole story rather than just little snippets…. they may not make any more sense but at least they will have a proper beginning, middle and ending…

Have a Great Day