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The Cat with Hands

During the last year people have sent me bunches and bunches of links and videos to check out…. as All-Hallows Eve approaches this number has vastly increased, many of them are great, sadly… Continue reading

How to Get DVD’s, Books, & Magazines for Free…

Steal.     This is part 1 of a 3 part investigative series dedicated to economy of word and a celebration of learning. Have a Great Day

Wolverines, Scepter Bongs & God’s Rec Room

and that was how I came to write the original King James Bible. Hope you all enjoyed that. Have a Great Day PS – I think WordPress may still be acting up…. be… Continue reading

Coulrophobia, Bunnies & Hell

Let me tell you about the time I spent in Tajikistan at the… actually I can’t – plenty of what happened there is still waaay classified. But I can tell you how I… Continue reading

Parachutes, Runny Noses & Dead Russians

I’m feeling better today, not sure what all the hub-bub was… I suppose it could be the meds messing with me. Every couple of weeks, I wake up one morning feeling cruddy, coughing,… Continue reading

Domestic Violence, Duels & Calling Me a Liar

Apparently, there seems to be some issues regarding yesterdays post. Mainly, it seems to be a few people writing in to “discuss” some “glaring” factual inaccuracies in my post. Really?! Basically what’s happened… Continue reading

Funniest Posting EVER…….

The fact that you’re reading this proves advertising works….or that I’m a pathological liar…. Sorry folks no blindingly astute, biting satire today. I’m too tired and my eyes have decided to take a… Continue reading

St Paul, Jerry Seinfeld & My Heart

Cripes you must be getting tired of hearing about my heart… I know I’m tired of talking about it. I had an appointment today at the Heart Centre. Located at St. Paul’s Hospital… Continue reading

Well…. I guess I’m Screwed…

Today, I want to discuss, Hang on….hold up…. someone is texting me – oh and I’m getting a tweet….. oh and wait, also an email, and a posting on my facebook wall, oops… Continue reading

Pear Trees & Stress Sandwiches

There was a man who had four sons. He wanted his sons to learn not to judge things too quickly. So he sent them each on a quest, in turn, to go and… Continue reading