The Cat with Hands

During the last year people have sent me bunches and bunches of links and videos to check out…. as All-Hallows Eve approaches this number has vastly increased, many of them are great, sadly I don’t have time to watch everything, well I guess technically I do but it would mean giving up eating, sleeping and showers….I’m just not prepared to make that much of a commitment to the internet. But she is very alluring, yes the internet is a her – like a boat. I usually watch the first 30 seconds or so to let me know if I should continue or perhaps it’s something I’ve seen already… Because and let’s be honest here – I haven’t been doing too much else besides living vicariously via the net these last few months…. I’m willing to bet I have spent what can only be classified as an “unhealthy” amount of time online….

Hopefully as I get better, the near addiction will mellow itself out… Occasionally I find something I’ve been sent, that is appropriately creepy, scary, & weird enough to satisfy even my jaded & experienced eye. Like the following video, it pretty much meets each and every criteria I just listed – it’s creepy… scary and plenty weird….. what the hell ever happened to “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown” – why do Halloween cartoons feel compelled to send little kids into end-stage, operation Iraqi Freedom PTSD and most likely intensive therapy for a good many years… where is the fun in seeing a kid crap their pants as terror contort their little faces in abject fear….

Because it’s damn funny that’s why. Surely you’ve seen those videos like “the maze” or the “car commercial” where suddenly a horrible face pops up and an ear splitting screech is heard on your computer – there is an endless supply of people’s reactions to watching those videos and each and every time you watch them, you will crack-up or at least I do. People jumping, screaming, falling down, crying, throwing up, fainting…. now that’s comedy.

Anyways none of that nonsense here in the video I’ve included today, it’s just odd…. and I liked it, but be warned – this ain’t no Charlie Brown….. Enjoy!

Have a Great Day