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Communists Ruined Christmas

Well, here it is Christmas Eve, Eve… I’m a big fan of christmas.. BIG – I love the whole shooting match. Actually funny I should use the word shooting, I’m sorry you have… Continue reading

God Bless America

Just a little treat with Jesus’s birthday right around the corner….. May I jut say how utterly I detest Jay Leno….. There are tons of these on utube, and yes I’m sure they… Continue reading

Stand By

. Have a Great Day

Sex Slaves & Internet Shenanigans

Hey Everyone I have exciting news, earlier today I was checking some email and guess what I rec’d, never mind – you’ll never guess. ….apparently there are thousands of beautiful, single, Russian women… Continue reading

Nightmares & Getting through Another Year

I don’t expect to sleep easy tonight. It’s been a problem for more years than I care to remember. First there will be the tossing and turning, followed by the inability to get… Continue reading

Death to the Weakling, Wealth to the Strong!

Well, we made it – did you go out and break any of the formerly deadly sins? I have to be honest, I was sort of glad when I wrote about the last… Continue reading

Pottermania, Beatlemania – Patato, Potato?

Is the world’s fascination with Harry Potter and the resulting Pottermania, this generations Beatlemania? Both phenomena are British, both at one time were associated with yellow submarines (except in Potter it’s wands), and… Continue reading

Lumberjacks, Poison Frogs & War

One of my fondest memories comes from the years I spent as a Lumberjack. Back, before all this environmental hoopla & what-not really got rolling, I was down in the lower Amazon basin,… Continue reading

Freud, Cigars & Defending my Honour

Bit of an odd post for today… once again I find myself in the position of asking you, gentle reader – to not read anything into the subject matter. To quote Freud, sometimes… Continue reading

Navels, Justice & A Stripper Named Coco

Today is the tomorrow I was afraid of yesterday… Normally I don’t go in for that introspective navel-gazing type self-help mumbo-jumbo. Many moons ago, I told you about my life-long fascination with the… Continue reading