Creatively Mending a Broken Heart

Imagination + boredom + creativity = Awesome…

I came across this video and it really struck a chord, these guys are just amazing.

They are a bunch of California slacker surf bums, who were bummed they couldn’t find any decent, gnarly waves, so they did what comes naturally – they headed out to a playground and made their own. It’s so weird and wonderful, seeing these guys jump on skateboards and pretend to be paddling, then one of them goes of, running madly – holding the corner of a massive blue tarp and the resulting curl looks just like a Hawaiian pipeline wave… it’s fun and the kind of creative solution we are sorely lacking today…. in nearly every facet of life.

Take a look….

Creativity is a huge part of my life, my work, my hobbies and something I work hard at keeping honed – reading, testing new methods, theories & practices. I work at it – I’m deathly afraid of it drying up. Unfortunately, too many people let their creative muscles atrophy or feel it really doesn’t apply to them. They feel it’s the stuff of painters, sculptures, poets & writers – it isn’t something they need to access in their daily lives.

Creativity is not bound by art: I believe strongly in the power of “strategic creativity.” I believe the people who have significantly impacted the world–from Gandhi to Martin Luther King Jr.–share an ability to see strategic solutions that others overlook. Creativity need not be contained to just art rooms or music halls. By practicing creativity in any domain–creatively solving science or history or social or business problems–we enhance our ability to find exciting solutions to any type of problem.

As a matter of fact, when you get right down to it, it’s hard to think of a single situation in which creativity couldn’t help in some way. I don’t expect you to start tarp surfing but where’s the harm in spicing things up a bit….

Having lots of Afib & pretty significant bradycardia, that’s a slow beat including plenty of skipped beats, makes you feel so sluggish and kind of like you want to pass out or lay down or something… instead of a nice, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump…. I’m getting a thump, _____, _____, THUMP, _____, thump, _____, _____, thump, thump, thump…..

Now if I can figure out a creative way to deal with it, I’ll be perfect….

Have a Great Day