My Kingdom for a Heart

So, after writing about having lots of A-fib this time around and plenty of wandering rhythms. I spent the better part of today, in the E.R…… AGAIN.

Traditionally, I am only cleared to sit with the arrhythmias for up to 48 hours – max… then the possibility of stroke and embolisms start going up dramatically. BUT immediately following the heart operation, as the scars on the heart are healing – you can expect LOTS of episodes and you are only required to go to the hospital if you feel really unwell.

Well I have been in pretty splendiferous Afib, and it’s been alternating between extremely slow beats in the high 30’s and very fast beats in the 140’s all within the space of seconds. My regular resting heart rate is in the mid 60’s. You simply can’t imagine the effect on both your body and mind – during these massive heart rate swing episodes.

I’m home now…weak, tired and so fed up…..

Have a great day.