Hey, that Abyss just Stared into Me!

One thing I’ve always avoided doing with this post is delving too deeply into my dreams.

Let me be clear, I’m not talking about goals & aspirations – but actual dreams. There’s a reason, and to be honest, it’s because I just don’t feel you’re ready for them. Lord knows I’ve tried my best to chop and hack my way through the impossibly dense tangle of forest, quite similar to an East German women’s armpit, the thickets stand crammed together and lush beyond words. I’ve tried clearing a swath to help guide you through that minefield of thought pudding, swirling around in my head.

It’s not easy, more often than not, I’m left standing alone in a brief clearing trying to orient myself before the all too fleeting gaps start to squeeze in tight, closing, closing and again, I’m lost, amidst the metaphorical armpit hair.

I wish I could share some of them with you, but it’s certainly not my intention nor is it worth the risk of surely forcing more than a few of you into immediate and comprehensive counseling after reading about some of my dreams. Picture Col. Kurtz in his madness, the side of his face bathed only in the softest of candlelight as he half mumbles, half whispers, the horror… the horror… I tried keeping a dream journal, after the second night it burst into flames right there on my nightstand, singeing my night-cap and kerchief…

I have seen mad people, and I have known some who were quite intelligent, lucid, even clear-sighted in every concern of life, except on one point. They could speak clearly, readily, profoundly on everything; till their thoughts were caught in the breakers of their delusions and went to pieces there, were dispersed and swamped in that furious and terrible sea of fogs and squalls which is called MADNESS.”

Ok, got it… is that enough of a melodramatic set-up for you, legally, have I done my due diligence to keep any of you – and your relatives and heirs, next-of-kin etc etc from suing me for causation – from helping to unseat the shackles that keep your mind buckled down, in short – for driving you insane?

Are you ready for the bizarre, the utter, recoil-causing depravity, the sheer mental anguish sure to haunt your every waking hour from here on out – for it would do you well to remember that when you stare into the abyss, the abyss also stares into you…. ok here we go….

Naw, you’re not ready.



Trust me, you have no idea what I just saved you from…

Have a Great Day