My Iron Butt will Match My Iron Heart

This new med is wreaking havoc on my digestive system – if you catch my drift. It has also significantly upped my episodes of dizziness and on top of that, drowsiness. Which is… Continue reading

To Think, You were there at the Beginning!

Sometimes I have ideas, sometimes, those ideas are better than others… this one’s a winner. I’ve come up with a new catch phrase… mark my words – it will sweep BC within 2… Continue reading

Killing a Monkey with my Bare Hands

Ok, finally on to me and the actual doctor appointment – the least interesting and most tiresome part of the reporting. I’m not gong to make this one cute – just the facts.… Continue reading

Speak Up or Forever Hold Your Peace…

After the echo,¬†approx 2 hours later, I had a meeting with the Cardiac Surgeon at the Heart Centre. The Heart Ctr is not on the hospital grounds proper, but about a block away.… Continue reading

The French Riviera, Vlad the Impaler & Liza Minnelli

Monday was an event. Since I’ve been living the life of leisure and relaxed luxury, I’ve been waking at a civilized hour – somewhere between 8:30 and 9:30. It’s traditionally when Gentlemen rise…… Continue reading

Life, Death & A Kitchen Design Tip

Hello 9/11 Survivors, Ok so, I have buckets to tell you but not tonight – it’s soooo late and I’m sooo tired. I had a bunch of tests today, including a big echo… Continue reading

“Won’t Bind Your Legs”

Sorry I haven’t posted for a couple of days, after we went back to school shopping for the kids, I figured I could probably use some new pants as well… what do you… Continue reading

The Matrix, Raccoons & Duct Tape

You know, I’ve never been one to publicly go on about conspiracy theories and secret societies running rampant and roughshod over us poor schmucks toiling away day after day here in the Matrix.… Continue reading

Kindergarten, Totem Poles & Migrant Workers

Well, no doubt you’re aware I spent this labour day as I’ve spent every labour day since I was 5 – the year I entered Kindergarten….. conflicted. As a little tyke, I was… Continue reading

Happy Anniversary

One year ago – Today, September 1st 2010 or I guess, yesterday by the time you read this – I was unconscious in the critical care recovery after my big surgery. To be… Continue reading