Is Bobby Orr Injured?

I can’t understand why they refuse to play him… It’s Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final, and a man makes his way to his seat right at center ice. He sits down,… Continue reading

Satan, Chickens & Refried Beans

I don’t think I told you about my time in Mexico as a wrestler, yep I was one of the Bandito Brothers. What can I say, I had wrestling in my blood, my… Continue reading

Safety, Tuna & Bad People

In keeping with this weeks crime motif, I was sent this video, and you think you’ve got troubles…. It’s a clip of a Kindergarten teacher in Mexico, as you may or may not… Continue reading

Justice, Knees & Fashion

Have you ever seen this show on TV called Disorderly Conduct – On Patrol? You most likely have, you just didn’t know what you were watching. It’s basically just a show which airs… Continue reading

A Nice Cup of Tea While Harvesting Organs

Well, if you’re anything like me – after watching the video from yesterday you haven’t been sleeping much. For that, I’m both filled with regret and an odd warmth to my very core…… Continue reading

The Joys of Tap Dancing

You know, there are a great many things that happen in this world that regular people just never seem to witness first hand. Well, that’s where I come in… I feel it’s important… Continue reading

Propofol, Latin Hookers & Pacemakers

As I was saying, there was a slight discomfort in the chestal region. They give you some meds during the procedure to help you endure the 5 ticket ride. I found out later… Continue reading

Burns, Burgers & Trains…

Ok, so… ummm…. Here’s the thing. I was really kind of counting on the world ending last Saturday. I figured I had pillaged and plundered plenty, not to mention walked on the moon… Continue reading

Of Course Not…

It didn’t work.

Stuck on the Bottom of a Fighter Jet…

Wow, I almost forgot how to log on…. it has been a couple of weeks. Sorry. They have been spectacular weeks – that have re-defined the very meaning of the word suck. I’m… Continue reading