A Brave New Low…

Have you ever wondered how far you could throw a kitten? I don’t mean just pick it up and chuck it – I’m talking about getting up – doing some deep knee bends,… Continue reading

Kenny Rogers vs Kierkegaard

You know – for the most part this post was started for me. To vent. To release. To spout off. My mental rumpus room…. Why did I say that? I’ve always hated that… Continue reading

Slooooowly my brain leaks out my ears….

Part of the problem I’m fighting now is the boredom and utter lack of ambition, motivation, determination and numerous other words ending in “tion”. There’s been an overwhelming feeling of despair – frustration… Continue reading

Grow Up or Grow Down, If Tootie can’t helps Us, then what?

I found a website and I plan on using the crap out of it. It had a listing of 50 questions you should ask yourself before you die. OH, now that is a… Continue reading

Yet another post without Liberace

I hope that by relating the story of poor Jean Lucille below, it will help calm the hysteria of the North American East Coast readers who were so devastated by the recent catastrophic… Continue reading

What if the Danger is Already in the House?

What kind of MONSTER would even dream about punching a tiny, defenseless kitten in the face? Well, you’re in luck, because I’m going to tell you exactly what kind of person would punch… Continue reading

Remain Calm and Carry On

It’s wrong to want to punch a kitten in the face, right? I mean over and above the moral implications, in all likelihood I would punch him hard enough to explode his molecules….… Continue reading

By George, I Think I’ve Got It!

OK… so I fibbed to you.. that wasn’t really me in the music picture from yesterday. The more I thought about it, the more I realized the primary reason I couldn’t be the… Continue reading

Why couldn’t I be the new Wayne Newton?

You have no idea how incredibly long the days can be when you have nothing to do. Repetitive, boring, uneventful, dripping with a thick, choking gravy of monotony. So I began searching for… Continue reading

Hey You Spilled Nihilism all Over my Optimism

All-righty then, let’s open the dam on the old medical fountain of information… The problem with not posting for a while is that I forget what I last told y’all. I can’t be… Continue reading