By George, I Think I’ve Got It!

OK… so I fibbed to you.. that wasn’t really me in the music picture from yesterday.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized the primary reason I couldn’t be the new Wayne Newton is because – I don’t want to be. I mean, who’s kidding who – I would rock that head of hair but I just can’t imagine living the rest of my life in velour lounge suits, forever picking chest hair out of my medallions. Of course I guess when you’re Wayne Newton or Tom Jones, you hire someone to do that for you.


Yet this realization does nothing to alleviate my not having a hobby.

Then I was thinking about something, yea – every once in a while I do that. I had gone back and read a couple of old posts, so I could reference a couple of points I made. Then in some kind of record I thought again a second time in the same day. I had heard several of my girlfriends read out the posts, or at least the parts that amused them… and thing was – none of them ever read the stories the way I wrote them.

Oh sure, most of them were able to pronounce the words, a couple of the girls even understood some of them. But it was wrong, the pauses were wrong and the inflection was wrong… they could never judge when to be properly sarcastic or snide or when to whisper and when to yell. Even when they did judge right it still never sounded as I intended – I assume you do the same thing, you read a certain way, you read my words but you still imprint your personality onto it. On the one hand, that’s fantastic – it’s part of the give and take in a reader/writer relationship an unspoken agreement.

Sadly every author on earth is not able to visit personally each and every person who reads their work and guide them through in the unique way in which the writer intended it to be read. So it’s always open to some interpretation.

What it ultimately comes down to is the skill of the writer. If you are truly able to competently wield words, if you can bend and shape them to suit your meaning, craft them to best allow your intentions to be communicated then you will be successful at ensuring the reader always knows exactly what you wanted them to know.

If you are not able to wrangle the words, get it some mixed words up, goes meaning the out window of… even the best writers the world has ever know occasionally stumble in this regard. What chance do I stand?

So, thinking along those lines, it came to me… my hobby at least as long as it proved interesting and fun would be one that helps preserve the posts the way I intended. I will go back to the very beginning and make little movies of each post, reading them myself, adding text, graphics, film and video footage, clips from TV and music – anything and everything that helped illustrate each post.

Each one a tiny work of egotistic art. Each one would only be a minute or two – like video short stories, but to watch them would be all anyone every needed to know about me, what I was about, how I thought, what made me sad or laugh, or cry. Not that anyone cares – it would be a project for me, along the lines of what prompted me to begin writing this blog in the first place, partly to keep people informed of my health developments but also as a way to purge my thoughts and feelings.

I don’t know – even if no one ever saw them, just doing it would be an interesting exercise in itself, for me – personally. MAybe one day my daughters could watch them in chronological order and finally realize how deeply odd I am… Some of them would be quite funny, others angry, still others would make no sense.

Anyways, I think I would like that and so I’m going to try. Creating little multi-media stories of each post and in turn in a roundabout way, my life. They could be very funny and interesting or it could turn into self-indulgent crapola. But generally I’m pretty good at steering away from that side of things and making something at the very least, mildly amusing. Let’s hope so anyways…

I have my work cut out for me, I’m just shy of my 500th post and I’m also proud to say what started out with family and close friends, right in the 20 – 30 person neighborhood reading my post pretty regularly has now ballooned to nearly 1200 people (1500 on a good day – usually when I put something sexy in the title) reading in an average day. I have no idea who the majority of you are but welcome and thanks for reading, I’ll try and keep it from getting too boring. Y’all come back now ya hear?

So there it is then, my new hobby and I can’t wait to get started. It’s nice to be excited about something.


Have a Great Day.