Maybe A Shark Cage Would Help…

So. Let’s you and me have a little talk. Don’t worry there’s plenty of time to catch you up on the medical goings-on, and we will. But first and perhaps more importantly… it… Continue reading

So, ummmm, ahhhhh

For some reason, I’ve been getting some bulbar (throat & Jaw) weakness, and right eye droop…………………. are you serious….. yes I am…….. ┬áhere we go again. After frantically looking online, the vast majority… Continue reading


The Art of Art

You know, they say, a picture is worth 1000 words well then, here’s today post .   It just really made me laugh… it’s so like – What? Huh, did that just say… Continue reading

Hey, that Abyss just Stared into Me!

One thing I’ve always avoided doing with this post is delving too deeply into my dreams. Let me be clear, I’m not talking about goals & aspirations – but actual dreams. There’s a… Continue reading

Trying to Put out a Fire with Gasoline

Medications represent a fine line between feeling better and feeling much much worse, with the lone bright spot being – you feel worse for different reasons than the original one that got you… Continue reading

Monkey Blood, The CIA & A Lollipop

You had no idea wombats were so cute did you…. you want one don’t you…. Well I put them there on the last post because I’m now a member of the ferocious black… Continue reading

Just Making Conversation…

Hi All, Lots to update with the doctor visits Tuesday and Thursday – but not tonight, just way too tired. Instead please enjoy these photos of wombats…. . . . .   Have… Continue reading

This will Depress You, unless you are a Cold Unfeeling Monster.

This is a long one, lots to tell…. I have no idea how you keep doing it. I don’t know how you keep reading – normally after I write a post I don’t… Continue reading

Freud, The Grinch & Mushroom Clouds of Suck

Ok I’m a bit late with the whole medical weekly roundup thing. But, far be it from to besmirch the sanctity of Canada’s birthday. So – here goes…. hey, first – how about… Continue reading