Pakistan, You’ve been very very Naughty….

Osama is dead….. the election is over…. hockey play-offs…. so much to write about. Plus it’s no longer my birthday… You decide which is the bigger tragedy. Appointment tomorrow with Cardiologist, hopefully there… Continue reading

Brain Muscles, I got em’… But What if they Start to Melt

Well, I lasted another year. This freakin body of mine has been doing its damnedest to see me finally walking towards the light – but sweet baby jesus in a jumpsuit I am… Continue reading

The Danger of Apple Pie

I’m not going to apologize anymore when there are gaps between my posts. Suffice to say – if I’m not posting there is a good reason. In most cases it’s because there was… Continue reading

You should be ashamed of Yourselves….

So for a change, let’s talk about some good news… Let’s talk about something positive, let us sally forth and hither-to shall we frolic about in the warming sunshine of eternal optimism. Let… Continue reading

Hatred, Anger & the Healing Power of Cheezies

Let’s all have a wee stroll down memory lane… the reason I’m on the warfarin in the first place is because they discovered that due to my having been in A-Fib for so… Continue reading

Butt Tape & Blood on the Chicklets

Hi All, Obviously the universe has made the decision that no matter what happens, it isn’t going to make this easy for me. Those who’ve been with me since the beginning are acutely… Continue reading

We are All the Landlord

Last night the 1st Inaugural Comedy Awards were on the TV…. I told you that, to tell you this… In honour of those awards making me all laugh-y – I’m busting out an… Continue reading

Don’t Just Blame the ADULTS… Kids suck too!

Last post I was telling you what’s wrong with people in general, today I want to tell you what’s wrong with the younger generation specifically. The problem with young people today is that… Continue reading

I Know You’re Frustrated… How Can I Always be This Right?….

I spent some time figuring out the worlds problems, you tend to do that when you are sitting around concentrating on breathing…. Well Ok maybe you don’t, but I do. Of course that… Continue reading

Jane Austen’s “Hobo with a Shotgun”

Greetings Y’all, So OK, let me tell you a little story. I realize this may well affect the way you perceive not only me, but my children as well. For those of you… Continue reading