… and now the end is near, and so I face, the final curtain….

So, here’s the thing – I know I promised to tell you about the visit to the cardiac surgeon. But well, it’s too soon. I need some distance, I need some time to… Continue reading

Rattlesnakes, Monkeys & Massive Head Trauma

Hello, my goodness don’t you all look so wonderful today – doing something new with your hair? Maybe you finally get that one hinky tooth sticking out of your mouth like an olympic… Continue reading

Gigantic Fireball of Fatherly Pride

So, pretty uneventful weekend. However, tomorrow morning I’ll be seeing the cardiac surgeon, and I’m sure there will be plenty of stuff to impart. Health-wise things are pretty much the same, I’ve been… Continue reading

Yea, I’ve heard that One…

Happy Friday Folks, In keeping with the strictly medical tone of these past few posts…. I am going to tell you something to make you smile (hopefully) Keep in mind I hate jokes… Continue reading

My Chemical Romance, NOT the Band

Todays post has some “graphic images”, of a sensitive nature – so you kids, be careful – I warned you. A whole whack of time ago – (the whack is an actual unit… Continue reading

Base Camp, Poison & Buck Rogers

Greetings All, I figured out why it’s been so hard to keep writing these posts lo these past few weeks. Regular readers will remember the salad days when I posted every single day… Continue reading

Meteors, Zombies & Peeing Yourself

You know, up until these past few weeks, I couldn’t complain about any of my experiences as a patron of the health care industry. The doctors had been swell, the nurses even better… Continue reading

My Soul Weeps, My City Burns, The Orca Dies!

Clearly, the Canucks are gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I tried to urge them on to victory with the brunette, then the blond, then the asian…. they couldn’t possibly have… Continue reading

Sausage Casings, Vegas & the Hair Holocaust

I don’t have words….. really?! After the two Boston blowouts, then the skin of their teeth game 5 win.. then … then.. this game 6 debacle. Ok so brunette didn’t work, nor did… Continue reading

Blondes, Squirrels and Disney

Bit of a rough patch these last few days, it’s how I image breathing would be in a submarine with the oxygen running out. If that submarine was wrapped in plastic, then encased… Continue reading