Blondes, Squirrels and Disney

Bit of a rough patch these last few days, it’s how I image breathing would be in a submarine with the oxygen running out. If that submarine was wrapped in plastic, then encased in concrete.

Who says I’m melodramatic, I’m just able to turn a phrase. Actually I’m not sure if I’m really unwell or just having a bad reaction to those last two games in Boston.

Great Jumping Jesus in Maroon Chiffon… listen here Canucks, you better straighten up and fly right! Don’t make me come down there. As if, I don’t have the 13 million dollars they are selling single seat tickets for at Rogers Arena.

I put up a wonderful picture of a brunette last post in an effort to bolster our boys and urge them on to victory. Clearly they hate brunettes, let’s try a blonde and see if tomorrows game goes any better….



Isn’t she a saucy little hockey fan.

I promise I will gather my gumption (sounds dirty) it isn’t – I will gather my gumption and (yes it does, it sounds rude, and I won’t have it)… look, I’m telling you Gumption is not a bad word – it is a word used mostly by people missing more than a few teeth whose last name is generally either Hatfield or McCoy, although it various – see Deliverance.  Mother loving, squirrel eatin’, sister kissing, pick up drivin’, barefoot walking, dirt floor living, moonshine drinkin’, salt of the earth mountain folk. See most of the southern U.S…..

As I was saying I will gather my gumption and write a post bring you up to speed with the Disneyland attraction that is my health.

Have a Great Day