So, ummmm, ahhhhh

For some reason, I’ve been getting some bulbar (throat & Jaw) weakness, and right eye droop…………………. are you serious….. yes I am……..  here we go again.

After frantically looking online, the vast majority of cases post thymectomy and on the medications I’m on, see nothing but an increasing curve onto wellness… so what’s going on with me? Why now? Is it drug related? It’s nothing major yet, but I’m pretty freaked the MG might be on its way back against all odds.

The only positive I can pull from this is that according to some medical papers in the states – some patients can take up to 2 years to see significant results… but I’ve been great until now… almost a 100% reversal after the surgery. So what’s up, I can’t get back on this ride again. I just can’t.



I’m taking another posting break (I know I haven’t been very diligent lately) — until I can figure out what is going on… The powers that be seem so bloody determined that I never get my head above water – maybe it’s because I was meant to be sleeping with the fishes…. anyways, I will be contacting the neurologist for an appointment, when I have information – you’ll have information.

Son of a….

Have a Great Day