Fear, Nonsense & Gaping Body Cavities

There was a time, not long ago, quite recently actually – where children danced and kittens frolicked… Where babies were swaddled and pixes darted too and fro in the twilight… There was a… Continue reading

Never Mind Black Friday, Thursday is dark enough for me…

So, Hey… It’s 3:18 AM, can’t sleep… wonder why? If it’s not too much trouble do me a favour, at some point cross you fingers for me. Thanks Have a Great Day

That’s Why All the blood Drained from my Head

Short and sweet. This coming thursday November 24th, I go into the hospital for the pacemaker implantation. Yes, really that is all the notice they give you, a week. Believe me, when I… Continue reading

They Found Her “Blank” All over his “Blank”

Good Day Fellow Rabble Rousers, Last couple of posts have been, shall we all agree on the word “dark” to best describe them? Excellent, motion carried… well as I am won’t to do,… Continue reading

If I Don’t Get Better Soon, all the Good Hobbies will be Gone

I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times I’ve said I can count something on the fingers of one hand. One of the greatest regrets and I’m sure… Continue reading

Hey Man, You’re a Real Bummer

Hello Sexy Beasts! Yes you… For a number of years I’ve been fighting against my situation, fighting to stay positive, fighting to stay in the game. It’s been hard. The stress has been off… Continue reading

Reasons that Justify Axe Murders

Well, here we stand on the precipice of another Hallowistmas… I say that because if an alien were to land on earth at just this moment or to be more precise a month… Continue reading

Made you Look….

This is the thought I want to leave with you for today…. . I felt guilty for not posting for a few days…. damn you all, the pressure is unendurable…. I’m not your… Continue reading

3 out of 4 Doctors Recommend Me…

OK look, normally you’d expect a hilarious song and dance telling you about the doctors calls and resulting information I promised you yesterday. There’d be dancing ponies and showgirls, meat platters surrounding pumpkin… Continue reading

Some Words on Your Screen…

Out of the Blue, two of my Doctors called me today. I will write a juicy tell-all tomorrow, who shot who, who’s cheating on who, who’s embezzling funds from their company, who… oh… Continue reading