That’s Why All the blood Drained from my Head

Short and sweet.

This coming thursday November 24th, I go into the hospital for the pacemaker implantation. Yes, really that is all the notice they give you, a week. Believe me, when I feel well enough to write, I will have plenty to say about that…. Hadn’t heard a word for six weeks then, wham, OK you are going in next thursday…

Two weeks after that I go in for the second surgery, an A/V node ablation where they will severe the connection between the atria and the ventricles. (Cut the top of the heart off from connecting electrically with the bottom) – Thus rendering me completely device dependent.

Hopefully this roll-coaster is finally cresting the very last hill and will be pulling in to the station so I can finally climb off…

I will tell you all about it when I am well enough to do so. I imagine it will be another rip-roaring tale. Due to my being such an exceptional story-teller and all…

It could also be my last chance to finally wake up to the nurses I deserve….



Have a Great Few Days