They Found Her “Blank” All over his “Blank”

Good Day Fellow Rabble Rousers,

Last couple of posts have been, shall we all agree on the word “dark” to best describe them?

Excellent, motion carried… well as I am won’t to do, every time you make me hurt you, I always come back with a gift or treat to make the pain go away… until the next time you “walk into a door” again.

Excuse me, is that a veiled comment making light of spousal abuse and/or domestic violence?

Not all that veiled if you understood what I meant now, was it?

Of course I’m not so foolish as to be taking sides – I think in a normal relationship it’s only healthy to consider ALL the options when “vigorously conversing” with your significant other. Have you ever taken the time to climb down off your high horse to consider the possibility that yes, maybe a cast iron frying pan to the side of the head is exactly what is required at this juncture in the chat?

Yea I didn’t think so, anyways like I was saying after another one of your “falls in the tub” I always try to brighten things up with a special something and so in that vein, please enjoy these adorable baby animals;

There now, doesn’t that make it all better…. and one last final picture to set your day off..

Please enjoy this photo of Gene Rayburn from classic TV game show The Match Game.


Blank all over his blank – get it – you know, from the match game… blank… YOU SHUT UP – I AM NOT OLD!!!! It’s not like I was quoting Barnaby Jones or Quincy….  Jeez…

Have a Great Day