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Life Lessons set to Music….

Today, we’ve got a real treat… Ladies and Gentleman, let’s have a big hand for Mr Johnny Cash… singing, Don’t take your Guns to Town… A young cowboy named Billy Joe grew restless… Continue reading

They Found Her “Blank” All over his “Blank”

Good Day Fellow Rabble Rousers, Last couple of posts have been, shall we all agree on the word “dark” to best describe them? Excellent, motion carried… well as I am won’t to do,… Continue reading

I was almost Rich!

You should know I almost won the Lotto Max Jackpot of $50 million dollars this past Friday, I just missed it by 6 numbers. I’m still shaking, when they called out that first… Continue reading

The French Riviera, Vlad the Impaler & Liza Minnelli

Monday was an event. Since I’ve been living the life of leisure and relaxed luxury, I’ve been waking at a civilized hour – somewhere between 8:30 and 9:30. It’s traditionally when Gentlemen rise…… Continue reading

Yet another post without Liberace

I hope that by relating the story of poor Jean Lucille below, it will help calm the hysteria of the North American East Coast readers who were so devastated by the recent catastrophic… Continue reading

Remain Calm and Carry On

It’s wrong to want to punch a kitten in the face, right? I mean over and above the moral implications, in all likelihood I would punch him hard enough to explode his molecules….… Continue reading


Yea, I’ve heard that One…

Happy Friday Folks, In keeping with the strictly medical tone of these past few posts…. I am going to tell you something to make you smile (hopefully) Keep in mind I hate jokes… Continue reading

Sausage Casings, Vegas & the Hair Holocaust

I don’t have words….. really?! After the two Boston blowouts, then the skin of their teeth game 5 win.. then … then.. this game 6 debacle. Ok so brunette didn’t work, nor did… Continue reading

Satan, Chickens & Refried Beans

I don’t think I told you about my time in Mexico as a wrestler, yep I was one of the Bandito Brothers. What can I say, I had wrestling in my blood, my… Continue reading