Safety, Tuna & Bad People

In keeping with this weeks crime motif, I was sent this video, and you think you’ve got troubles….

It’s a clip of a Kindergarten teacher in Mexico, as you may or may not know – the entire country of Mexico is basically one big drug war. The teacher gets her students to lie down on the ground and she sings to calm them down, while a massive machine gun fight is happening right outside the classroom. The fight is between the police and a bunch of cartel employees.



I don’t have any smart ass comments here, it’s an odd coincidence because just the other day, I watched a documentary on The Siege of Beslan. Perhaps you remember this particularly nasty hostage situation. September 2004, a bunch of Chechen rebels stormed a school, it was the first day of school so there were parents and kids everywhere. They ended up taking 1100 kids and adult hostages, strapping bombs and dynamite to the kids bodies. 3 Days later, Russian special forces stormed the school… when the dust cleared 783 of the hostages were injured and 385 children were dead….

The whole idea is so completely off the charts,it never even enters our consciousness to be thankful that we will never have to deal with anything like this. But, there are millions of people who do. The next time you – and I – are getting angry because we have to sit in traffic or some other relatively minor annoyance gets your blood boiling, take a breath and imagine how infinitely worse things could be. Suddenly traffic doesn’t seem so bad.

It’s what I’ve been doing, instead of getting all down about my health, I’ve made a concerted effort to imagine how much worse things could be, it’s one of the few times I wish I weren’t creative, because sweet jesus in a tuna melt tiara – I can put myself in some utterly horrific situations. I’m not always a success, sometimes I get pretty “down” – but it passes.

I think there might be some type of hockey match this evening? Good Luck Canucks, get lots of baskets and score a ton of runs…

Have a Great Day