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Best Way to Punch a Granny in the Face

Hey, Guess What? Turns out this thing on my desk is a com – put – er and the other thing with the funny shapes and book learnin’ numbers is a key –… Continue reading

Of Kings & Bicycles and Lonely Letters…

I’m pumping up the tires, lubing up the chain, tightening the brakes, adjusting the seat, cleaning the streamers and putting new clothes pegs on the playing cards attached to the back wheel. In… Continue reading

Today’s Magic Phrase is “Sprained Uterus”

Happy New Year, Y’all I’m going to try and post something every single day this year, even if it’s only a few words. I’m feeling all aglow, in the post new years optimism.… Continue reading

Maybe A Shark Cage Would Help…

So. Let’s you and me have a little talk. Don’t worry there’s plenty of time to catch you up on the medical goings-on, and we will. But first and perhaps more importantly… it… Continue reading

Safety, Tuna & Bad People

In keeping with this weeks crime motif, I was sent this video, and you think you’ve got troubles…. It’s a clip of a Kindergarten teacher in Mexico, as you may or may not… Continue reading

You should be ashamed of Yourselves….

So for a change, let’s talk about some good news… Let’s talk about something positive, let us sally forth and hither-to shall we frolic about in the warming sunshine of eternal optimism. Let… Continue reading

Episode 1 of Ignorant History

OK so, since I’m feeling so crummy, but still wanted to keep posting – here’s what I’m going to do , you… me…. together we will experience moments in history, we’ll laugh, we’ll… Continue reading

Why the Universe does, in fact, Revolve Around Me!

How much pressure is too much? I mean it… …just how much pressure can you use when twisting the heads of puppies before it becomes too much? Cute, tiny, defenseless, newborn, half-blind fluffy,… Continue reading

How Hollywood Blew It!

Allow me to share my intention for tomorrow. I’m dragging the old ball and chain…. to see True Grit – she is not completely sold on the idea. Right off the bat, she… Continue reading

Baa Baa Broken Womb… A Nation Weeps

Maybe the Dingo ate your baby, and with that we all laughed and drank enough beer to wash away our pain, and inflict permanent liver damage. So began another Christmas I was destined… Continue reading