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Donkeys and You… Which one is Smarter?

Rounding out our animals that teach series we’re going out on a strong note, universally hailed as King of the animal Kingdom, the Donkey is without question the perfect blend of grace and… Continue reading

Falling Fevers and Climbing Frogs

I think we can all point to at least a few instances from our lives where we’ve learned some very valuable life lessons from frogs. Here is one you should add to the… Continue reading

Neighbours.. is it wrong to want to bury an Icepick in them?

At some point, almost as a right of passage most people can tell you a horror story about an exceptionally bad neighbor they once had. Sometimes they may be of the fairly innocent… Continue reading

Tumors, Hand Shadow Puppets & My Gift

I was doing some maintenance on the blog, you need to maintain tags, old posts, stats, comments etc..  the back-end management allows me to see, for example, how many views I’m getting, which… Continue reading

True North, Strong & Free….

Canada Day… 2010… You can tell a lot about a country by its national animal. The United States uses the bald eagle: a large bird of prey. The United Kingdom has a lion:… Continue reading

Advertising – It’s true if they say it is…right?

Advertising…. we can all learn so very much from it… . . . . . . . Noted without comment… Have a Great Day

Fathers Day..Hell Yea I’m Gonna Milk It….

It’s still Fathers Day as I write this and the kiddies are off to bed. So, I’m taking the day off. I apologize, knowing that you will read this tomorrow and then, of… Continue reading

Bad Eyes Rising…Oh and Babies…

Seeing My GP Today, have info from Mom, regarding the Ontario Ultimatum…also rec’d a call from The Nuerologist who was jerky to me…lots to report but let me distill everything and then I’ll… Continue reading

Testing my Lady Bits….

Today, for the first time, in a long time…. I felt stirrings – deep inside my womb. Feeling better than yesterday and miles better than the day before, we took the kids to… Continue reading

Tick Tock… Explain the Clock…

When they first invented the clock, how did they know what time to set it to? Think that one over for awhile… Have a Great Day.