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Superheros & Stressed Spandex

There is a movie out based on a comic book, I know, weird right, they hardly ever makes movies from comic books but this one is different. It’s called Kick-Ass, see the trailer… Continue reading

Arrested Development & Why I Deserve a Pulitzer…

No, although one of the funniest TV show ever… “Arrested Development” is not today’s topic… seriously if you’ve never watched… you are missing out…. it’s off the air now but truly must watch… Continue reading

McObesity, McResearch & Deterrents…

Technically & legally no, I am not licensed to practice medicine in any Commonwealth Country with the exception of Australia where anything goes… but really, can I let something as trivial as that… Continue reading

Couching Distance

The distance one can reach without leaving the couch or sofa……  I can’t reach the remote control because it’s not within couching distance. When you’re a kid there is no such thing as… Continue reading

Holy Rockin’

Air Guitar… An ancient art that originated after God wanted to rock out but had no electric guitar on hand. He realized how sweet a thing he had just created and  he wanted… Continue reading

Sick People Can Cure You

Researchers at the University of BC just completed a study where they discovered that looking at images of sick people actually boosts your immune system. The researchers asked young adults to watch a… Continue reading

Kilts & Pavlov

I went to Catholic School all through elementary & high school. Uniforms were mandatory, for both the boy and the girls. Yep, we had different schools – they separated us. Grade school was… Continue reading

Earth Hour & The Mafia

A usual Saturday evening for me consists of laying out my church going clothes, it’s a ritual, I come straight home from Synagogue, eat some dinner then get ready for tomorrows counterpoint service…… Continue reading

Giraffe Rape Retribution

Yesterday I posted a picture of a Giraffe abusing a donkey. I apologize, it was in bad taste – I would like to say how sorry I am to the entire donkey/burrow/ass community.… Continue reading

Maximum Estrogen

The birth control pill (also called “the Pill”) is a daily pill that contains hormones to change the way a woman’s body works and prevent pregnancy. Hormones are chemical substances that control the functioning… Continue reading