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Stabbing Kids & My Yule Log

The holidays, what can I say about the holidays we all haven’t heard a thousand times before, as I sit in my former bed chair in front of the TV composing this post,… Continue reading

Phantom Buicks & Disillusioned Web Surfing

Yesterdays post left me both physically and spiritually empty. The Filipino website was a sham as well… oh I suppose now, here, with perfect hindsight and from your high and mighty, oh so… Continue reading

Needlessly Murdering Singers

People, I beg of you, stop clamoring for my attention, although I appreciate your efforts – my affection is not for sale, I care for you all – equally. I was only kidding… Continue reading

Crow, Cat, Cat, Crow & a Bear

WHEW! What a night that was…………… those guys weren’t from the church at all…. Rest easy chum, I shan’t be easily intimidated. Let me tell you what happened. A number of years back… Continue reading

Literally, Using the Word Literally

. . . Todays post is brought to you by me – waiting in a line, for a really really long time, behind a number of teenage girls who could use the word… Continue reading

Bob Marley & Babies

When my kids were younger, I knew without a doubt – they weren’t human. Don’t get me wrong they were definitely human-ish…. but still had a long way to go before I would… Continue reading

Mistaking Me for Meat & Colonizing Mars

Well I’m back from Cabo…. I told you last night I was taking the night off and everyone knows when I have time off I head down to my villa… luckily the jet… Continue reading

Where do you Stand?

Noted without comment…. Have a Great Day

Somebody… Anybody…. Help Me….

How can I simultaneously hate and love something so much……..I double dog dare you to watch at least the first minute of each of these videos…. . . Welcome to the fascinating world… Continue reading

Comanche Indians, Fast Food & Niagara Falls

Even though most Canadians ate their Thanksgiving dinner yesterday, today is actually Thanksgiving, and I promised to tell you the real story of the holiday and my ancestors part in it…. Right off,… Continue reading