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Fun with Fur…

Happy last, 1st Official Animal Week post! I think we’ve done pretty well, we’ve had some laughs, made some new friends and maybe learned a thing or two and really – can you… Continue reading

Jeremy & Not Enough Conditioner

Most of you are aware that I come from a family with deep and well respected roots in show business, going back generations. I suppose like most parents there was a period of… Continue reading

Moose – WTF?

Where the hell do moose get off being so huge? What’s with those massive antlers? Really, you’re gonna go with antlers that big in the brush, “hey guys, check it out, Mike’s got… Continue reading

Flexibility – How much is too much?

Most things….. and I repeat, most things, are better when they’re not too rigid, a certain amount of flexibility goes a long way. I believe this applies in situations across the board, business,… Continue reading

The Red Menace

Children with red hair, light skin, and freckles. We’ve all seen them. On the playground, at the store, walking on the streets. They creep us out, and make us sick to our stomachs.… Continue reading

10 Reasons Why I’m Blacker Than You…

10. Every since I can remember, I have been mistaken for Shaft. 9. The whole wearing your pants low and showing your underwear phenomena was created by me, accidentally, during a belt malfunction… Continue reading

Gasoline, HBC & The Torch

Sorry for the late post, feeling pretty under the weather most of today. I came back into rhythm around 10AM this morning. Made the always difficult decision Not to go into the Hospital.… Continue reading

Gold, Silver & Bronze

So, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t have heard anything about this, but, we’re having a little gathering of some folks from around the world, not sure I’m saying this properly it’s called the… Continue reading