Flexibility – How much is too much?

Most things….. and I repeat, most things, are better when they’re not too rigid, a certain amount of flexibility goes a long way. I believe this applies in situations across the board, business, romance, children, spouse, friends etc etc.

I’m certainly not advocating letting anyone and everyone run roughshod over you and your ideas – by all means stick to your guns but in certain circumstances you would do well to let others voice their opinion and who knows, no matter how unlikely, they just may have a valid point and should that be the case – a compromise can often lead to win wins.

Flexibility is on my mind, partially because, well these past few weeks, I’ve been off work and generally not very mobile, I’ve noticed that I’ve lost some muscle mass, not a ton but some, oh don’t worry I can still brush my teeth and all that jazz. With the loss of that muscle mass comes the lone positive, my body is more flexible, I have a range of motion – I never remember having before….

Clearly, I am having some serious flexibility issues....

Now there are several scenarios in which I find this level of bendy-ness to be something worth exploring, but in almost ever single case that I have imagined – it’s the woman who is super bendy – and it goes a little something like this…..

OK - too much... I don't know if I should be aroused or horrified...

Anyways, having discovered my new found “talent” being able to twist and turn like a big sexy pretzel – naturally I had to try it out and see just how far I could push things, being the curious chap that I am…… as with any new task one undertakes there comes a point where you are “flying solo” meaning you have progressed past the point at which you can control the outcome. For example riding a bike it’s the moment you’re riding by yourself and realize you are about to take a spill… in this particular case I just let things get too far ahead of me and I guess you could say out of control…. well judge for yourself….

Pretty much speaks for itself....

I believe the moral of the story here is to always remember to walk before you run….

Have a Great Day.