Gasoline, HBC & The Torch

Sorry for the late post, feeling pretty under the weather most of today.

I came back into rhythm around 10AM this morning. Made the always difficult decision Not to go into the Hospital. It means more risk around clotting and potential embolisms and strokes – but it’s ideal if it goes back in by itself because being cardioverted is so tough on the body or at least it is on mine. Still feeling cruddy and as a result I didn’t go to the Olympic hockey game. Bollocks.

My nephew went and had a spectacular time. Watching the noon news they showed a big new poll where the vast majority of people in BC who were staunchly anti-olympics pre games – have now spun the full 180 and are super gung-ho and big supporters. High 80’s, low 90 percent are enjoying the games, happy with transit, road closures and think things are going really well. Canada, a swell place to go with the flow.

OK do you have a right proper feel good glow about Canada and the Olympics, patriotism coursing through your body…. I never realized the word RIOT was in patriotism until just now….quite pertinent to the post topic…. after family returned home without their being able to score some sweet swag all emblazoned with the rings at the downtown Bay (a multiple hour wait due to security concerns) Really? God forbid some European ne’do well should go bananas in the junior miss section, eating the stitching out of all the Spongebob panties…..

We ended up trying the Bay at Lougheed, now I wasn’t ever in Nam’ but the Bay’s Olympic section looks exactly as I always imagined the fall of Saigon must have looked…. minus the helicopters and Oliver Stone….. stunned, bloodied salespeople, merchandise askew, overturned clothing racks, burning grass huts and the overpowering smell of Napalm….

We asked a sales lady what happened and she was able to compose herself long enough to tell us how people were lined up outside the store before it opened and how they flat out went insane when the doors were opened, pushing, shoving, screaming – even fist fights as people clamored for Olympic merchandise…seriously….OK BC’ers that’s great you’re behind the games now, but no need to swing to the other extreme with gangs of rabid Coquitlam soccer moms roaming the streets, looking for people to jack for HBC mittens.

Y'all need to be prepared when shopping for Olympic Merchandise, refer to this helpful graphic if you should find yourself at either The Bay or Zellers

Happy medium folks…. happy medium, enjoy and let others do the same….. besides the day after the closing ceremonies the stuff will all be on 75% clearance….

Have a Great Day.