He Shoots! He Scores!

My nephew is in town for the Olympics, he’s 13, he has a disease – it’s called Olympic Fever, more specifically the most common hockey fever strain. He goes slack jawed when he starts talking about hockey, just loves it. For months he’s been so excited to come and for weeks he’s asked what hockey games he would see. I tried to explain that unless he bought Coke, NBC or Visa chances are there would be no chance to see any games. Sold out months ago and whatever tickets were left were going for hundreds of dollars.

Sydney Crosby takes a break from practice at GM Place...

Monday his mom takes him to the Olympic oval just to look around and they decide to just ask at the ticket window, well guess what, some hockey tickets came available right that moment – I’m quite sure dogs in Mexico were burying their heads from the high pitched scream coming from him when he found out. I was supposed to go with him and his mother, my sister, but A-Fib came back again this AM, so that’s 2 days in a row. Looks like I’m entering another cycle of drama. Short of breath and tough to breathe, tight chest, blurred vision, tingling and weakness in arms and legs – feels like everything is in slow motion, brain slows down… it’s bad times. I’ll have to play a wait and see, once this hits after 12 hours of non-stop fib it’s back to ER or else there is a chance for clotting and strokes.

We’ll see what happens, not often you get a chance to see an Olympic hockey game so it will be extremely uncool if I can’t make it…… but what can you do?

Ok folks sorry not a thrilling witty post today but feeling cruddy, still wanted to put something up rather than take a chance of missing one, missing one would make it easier to miss another and that could be a slippery slope – besides they can’t all be home runs. Wouldn’t want to spoil any of you now would I?!

Have a Great Day.