Couching Distance

The distance one can reach without leaving the couch or sofa……  I can’t reach the remote control because it’s not within couching distance.

When you’re a kid there is no such thing as couching distance…. it’s only once you reach a certain age when the couching distance phenomena comes into play. Suddenly you’re bargaining with yourself, two sides locked in a give and take, a mongoose & a cobra, uncertain – who will present the more lucid case – and win. The subject, weather or not you should bother to move. How bad do I really want that drink right now, I mean it’s all the way over on the table way over on the other side of the couch, technically it’s within couching distance but…….        blood hell, how did the remote get TWO cushions over, I can’t be expected to reach that… never mind, I’ll just keep watching this slap chop infomercial marathon…..

Sometimes, it’s just not worth the effort….

Have a Great Day.