Giraffe Rape Retribution

Yesterday I posted a picture of a Giraffe abusing a donkey. I apologize, it was in bad taste – I would like to say how sorry I am to the entire donkey/burrow/ass community. It was not just an act of sex, love or anything but a cowardly attack…it was a power/domination move pure and simple – made by the Giraffe, No means No in any language. Even if it sounds like hee-haw to you and me…… ignorance of local customs and being unable to speak the language of your victim is not a legally valid point based on ” I didn’t know she was saying no, I thought she was just really into it” just won’t cut it in the animal kingdom.

I thought the photo was funny and for that, again, I’m sorry – I have since been informed that I was, at the time, only privy to part of the whole story…. apparently after the sudden & violent attack – several animals came to the rescue of the donkey, the first on the scene having been a zebra, who took it upon himself to exact retribution from the Giraffe in some kind of jungle vigilante justice, at first I didn’t believe it was possible. What the hell kind of Zoo is someone running where Giraffes, Zebras and Donkeys are in the same enclosure….. it all made no sense….. until I was sent this unmistakeable proof……


Thank you brave Zebra for your striped brand of Justice......

I was sent more photos of the utter chaos before zoo officials rush in and start shooting darts at anything that moved… but I felt them inappropriate…… although I’ve put them in my vault of violence due to graphic content – this was still a story I felt needed to be told….am I a hero…. no –  I’m just doing my best to shine light where darkness reigns…….

Have GREAT Day.