My Iron Butt will Match My Iron Heart

This new med is wreaking havoc on my digestive system – if you catch my drift.

It has also significantly upped my episodes of dizziness and on top of that, drowsiness. Which is awesome, because if you are planning on having some episodes of dizziness then it’s of great benefit to also be as drowsy as possible. I’m hoping these and the associated effects will mellow out over the next couple of days. So far I’ve been mostly lucky with all the different meds, as far as side effects are concerned, small miracles huh…

That’s the very last thing I would wish on anyone, it’s enough to be saddled with the initial illness but then the double indignity of heaping on tons of side effects, which can often be more worrisome than the condition they are prescribed to treat. But like I said I’ve been mostly lucky, the odd bump in the road here and there, notable the Amiodarone poisoning but mostly OK. Every time I was given a new drug and the old one was stopped, rather than throw them away, I just put them up in the admittedly over large medicine cabinet – and by medicine cabinet I mean barn, because we’ve had to build one out back to hold all the bottles…

So the other day I pulled them out to see what all was up in there, well – I have $1,940 in unused prescriptions sitting in that medicine cabinet – discontinued, expired, stuff that I just filled then was told to not use… almost 2000 dollars in useless medicine. Now that is a firm kick in the grape-nuts. I suppose there is always the street market and my daughters high school, I could at least make some of my money back right?

I have the second follow-up with the Endocrinologist on Wednesday to see if my thyroid numbers have stabilized. If it has and this new medication has no effect, then it is showtime and I will implanted with the hardware. Then shortly after that I will get my stainless steel suit and I can start fighting crime… I’m still working on a name – apparently Mr Bean is taken, actually I’m not sure that would be an appropriate super hero name anyway.


Have a Great Day.