Paranoia & Esoteric Jazz Fusion

A few days back I mentioned how my cardiologist told me to prepare myself for the very real possibility that the thoracic team would pull the plug on the whole operation, as pre-existing arrhythmias tend to make surgical teams nervous…

I also mentioned how the Surgeon, and essentially every single member of my medical team was on vacation. Both Cardiologists, My GP, my Neurologist and the Thymectomy surgeon, if I were more prone to paranoia I might be able to construct an elaborate plan in which they had all holed up somewhere to discuss me behind my back…. I had left several messages on Dr. Evans’s (thoracic surgeon) voice mail – quickly explaining the situation and how I was breaking new land speed records for heart rate and the rhythm was more akin to some esoteric jazz fusion than a normal steady beat and my doctors thought it best that I discuss it with him.

I figured with Evans away for 3 weeks he would be mega-swamped upon his return and calling me back would be pretty low on his priority list. I was wrong, he called me back before 11 on Monday morning and we had the conversation, I explained what had been happening and where the concerns lay… he said he understood and wanted to discuss the options with my doctors, his team and the anesthesia team and he would get back to me the next day… Today.

I didn’t mention it yesterday because there really was nothing to report. Yesterday, all day and all night were stressful, what if it was too risky to proceed, what would that mean, when would it be re-scheduled etc etc….


All totally unwarranted, he called me again this morning and said they had all discussed my situation and come to the conclusion I am good to go. They looked over all my paperwork, test results and surgical history and based on all that info – they are ready to give’er… They anticipate no extraordinary complications, however should any arise they have made plans to deal with my particular set of circumstances.

So, that is great news, I’m not sure I could have been able to stomach a long postponement. Thankfully I won’t have to. So… I’m off to see the wizard… hurdle is Friday morning when I go in for my first Plasmapherisis, who new set of possible complications and we’re all a bit nervous given the spectacular complications I had with the IVIG…

Have a Great Day