Home, Civil War & Keebler Elves

Well, I was home. Now what?

First thing was first, we needed to go over to the Pharmacy and pick-up all my new medications. Which turned out to be a gigantic punch in the face, one of the Meds I was on just one of them, called – Cyclosporine, is some crazy immunosuppressant, normally used in organ transplants to ensure the body doesn’t fight and reject the new organ. A one month supply costs over $800, just that one drug…. no – believe it or not, it doesn’t come rolled in gold leaf and to my knowledge it isn’t made from the crushed bones of endangered pygmy babies – you don’t get a car at the end, or own a piece of property. It’s just the pill. Clear-yellowish, looks like the old cod liver oil pills I took when I was a kid. Basically, those little clear pills are equivalent to my children’s university education.

You see, the Mestinon treats the symptoms, the Cyclosporine treats the disease, even though we had removed the Thymus, there are some other locations throughout the body which also produce the rogue anti-bodies. This Cyclosporine acts as a sort of Chemotherapy, attacking those production centers and lays an unholy beating on them until they stop being such morons and smarten up. Here, my friends is the rub – the cyclosporine has a very very bad relationship with heart medications – all of them – do not play well together, at all. Isn’t that a fine how do you do. Over the next couple of weeks as we play with dosage and such, my body was to be a modern Gettysburg – brother against brother, pain, suffering and non-stop probing of the enemies lines of defense looking for a weakness…. then making the necessary adjustments.


While we had won the battle, the war still raged on. This cyclosporin is pretty serious stuff and it carries some hefty side-effects of its own, I’ll spare you the details but suffice to say the list is lengthy. Best guess according to my Neurologist is that I’ll be on it for the next 1 to 2 years. I apologize in advance to everyone who will be receiving dirt from my backyard for Christmas this year…. and most likely birthdays as well….. $10,000 for this drug alone in a year…. The other drug I was prescribed was a new heart medication called Amiodarone – again very harsh drug, it has a list of side effects longer than my arm – including instant, spontaneous death at any point during it’s usage. Yes, you read that correctly, because I did too – about 400 times….. BUT due to the Cyclosporine being locked in mortal combat with every heart medication known to man – this was my best choice to keep my ticker, ticking properly – according to the experts.

So in the ideal scenario, as the inflammation & swelling go down in my chest and things begin to settle down – the Heart will start to heal and that little issue will finally be resolved and then I can stop all these heart medications – what a wonderful thing that would be. The amiodarone is also expensive at just over $300 a month…. seriously – how is joe average supposed to make that all work – because I still have all my other drugs, the ones I was on before the operation, they were already about $500 a month. Not working for the past year has been incredibly stressful on me and the family in almost every way imaginable and on top of that the expense of these new drugs would be literally a tough pill to swallow. So now we sit back, I heal and hope that both the procedures did the trick this time…

Sorry not many yuk yuks in today’s post, I think I may have sprained my funny bone writing those hospital posts. At least they made me laugh.

Listen, I wanted to ask if y’all are sick and tired of hearing about all my medical stuff – I would appreciate a quick comment from YOU, yes you, stop reading this in the nude, I can see you, and for cripes sake do a sit-up now and then – let me know if I should continue on my current tack or is it a case of, by jesus we get it, you’ve had some health issues – now suck it up and move on…. in all likelihood I’ll completely ignore your suggestion because I refuse to do a month of posts on the merits of Unicorns and Keebler Elves marrying, as was suggested by someone earlier this month. But you know, a little feedback never hurt and while this blog is now and shall always remain a creative outlet for my demons, in most cases a little teensy weensy shot of constructive criticism never hurt. I say again, CONSTRUCTIVE. If you are one of the people reading my blog to confirm for yourself that humanity & society as we know it – is crumbling & we live in a cesspool, devoid of meaning – yea well, I’d love to hear from you as well….

Do you need any further proof the end is near...... ghouls roam the streets of our cities.....

Have a Great Day