Stampedes & Hypothetical Hearts

One thing that I’m not a fan of – is this infernal incrementally feeling better, so one day, I’ll wake up, feel pretty good, do a little walk in the morning and things start loosening up, and still I feel pretty darn good – but then, there always comes that moment when I decide that things are looking good enough to push it… just a little bit, so I reach for something or raise my arms above my shoulders, or twist a certain way or bend down and then Great Jumping Jesus on a Thighmaster….

…I am reminded, and when I say reminded what I’m really saying is that I’m somehow magically transported to, day one of filming on the set of Dances with Wolves, they are about to shoot the majestic & terrifying buffalo stampede, I’ve just tripped and am lying flat, right in the path of the stampeding herd, I’m unable to get up and no one notices and the thousand pound beasts run over my chest again and again – that is what I mean when I say I’m reminded. Reminded of the fact that I am only about 3.5 weeks out of surgery and even if I feel not too bad, I’m really not.


Yes I feel better a little bit each day but don’t let that fool you, or me for that matter…. or the Buffalo will come…. and that my friends is when I was given the indian name “Sobs Like a Squaw”….

Tomorrow, I see the Thoracic Surgeon and we’ll go over the whole situation, how does the wound look, from his point of view, do the ribs and sternum seem to be closing & mending properly. Can I sleep on my side and finally kiss nights in “The Chair” goodbye.

I certainly don’t want to jinx anything so let’s say the following is all hypothetical, completely made up and I’m just spit-balling some possible medical scenarios for some other, random guy, who I don’t even know maybe he doesn’t even exist…. let’s say this guy, he’s had some medical issues, before I go on, let me say how startlingly handsome he is, it seems the poor guy has been battling with some pretty serious heart arrhythmias… he was in the hospital recently having another surgery for an unrelated issue and, well, his heart was going completely cuckoo for coca puffs, stressing him, his family and his medical team out. Well this totally hypothetical chap, had been having a rough go of it all during the weeks following his surgery BUT, imagine if this guy had the smallest of positive signs in that he hadn’t had a single episode of atrial fibrillation, not a single flutter in 7 days – this mind you – after having it occur every single day, multiple times a day, immediately following the surgery.

Theoretically speaking this gentleman would be quite encouraged to see that his heart was playing ball and maybe, just maybe this last ablation has finally done the trick….


So obviously that’s a right pip bit of good news…

OK folks “Sobs like a Squaw” is “Tired as a Dog” and it’s off to the Chair of Destiny for my nightly recline…. hopefully in the not too distant future I will be “Sleeps with Comfort”…. I hope everyone is doing just wonderfully and if all keeps proceeding on the path to recovery in about 8 -12 weeks I should be once again able to join the living, working, breathing members of society I have not been among, low these many months…. Unless my lottery ship comes in and then all bets are off….

Have a Great Day.